Christmas 2015 and videos

21 Dec

Oh, man. I’ve got problems. Either the hosting site for this blog (wordpress) or my iMac is having some serious issues. I’ve been downstairs for a good almost two hours now and I’ve managed to post less than five videos and anything I type is coming out very…slowly…

I feel like Andy and I must have gone on some buying spree 3-5 years ago because it seems like everything is breaking down/going slower lately. My iPad is seriously on it’s last legs. I’ve wiped it clean, rebooted it more times than I care to count, and done everything that the internet says I should do to make it work right and it still runs super slow, freezes all the time, and generally seems to be telling me that it’s Time for it. I feel like if it could give me a POLST for it, it would have by now, and the POLST would communicate LET ME GO. New iPads are about a million dollars so if mine bites it then, well, so long iPad.

Regardless, Christmas is FRIDAY! The boys and I are so excited. We are about full of our Christmas routines at this point–Christmas party at Owen’s (every year), lights are up (as much as they will be), last night we drove around Seattle and saw the lights at the Menashe house in West Seattle and did our obligatory drive through Olympic Manor. We haven’t gone to the Zoo Lights at the Zoo yet but I think we might actually skip that this year. I feel like that’s more interesting if you don’t do it every year since they don’t really change it up all that much.

Have I mentioned that Christmas with little kids is the BEST? Eli knows several Christmas carols but he has learned the 1st grade versions of them so he sings that pretty much nonstop. Which means Ben has no idea of the actual words of carols but sings the 1st grade versions non stop as well. We put real versions on our iPhones and have been playing those in the house and car as a (hopeful) means of letting poor Ben learn the actual words to them lest he grow up thinking Christmas is characterized by “Jingle Bells, Batman smells…” sorts of lyrics. Eli is particularly in love with the 12 Days of Christmas so that gets sung at top volume quite a lot around the house lately, much to Andy’s consternation. Poor audiophile he is, he really can’t tolerate a lot of Christmas music unless it’s to his very exacting standards (“This just isn’t a classic rendition of this song and it’s a poor imitation of a standard” “There’s too much reverb” “The intonation isn’t right” “This shouldn’t be sung by a childrens’ choir that can’t sing in sync” are things we’ve heard a lot lately) so the hunt for albums he can tolerate has been thorough. Glory be to iTunes, we’ve finally found a few that he really likes (Bing Crosby’s, a choir one of Andy’s whose name fails me, another compilation album with most of the standards sung by Gene Autry–not about to complain there) so it’s worked out.

I worked today and I’m off until next Monday. I was scheduled to work Christmas Day but unfortunately, Andy and I both were so I took it off. We were also both scheduled to work New Year’s Day so he’s taking that off so I can work. I really miss normal work schedules. He gets off at 6:30 PM Christmas Eve then he has to work overnight Christmas night so poor guy isn’t going to get a lot of sleep that day. I thought I would just order us a dinner and pick it up but then they had Prime Rib on sale at the store so Andy got all excited. We have Mike and Will coming over but that’s it. It’s going to be a lovely day of lazing about, eating way too much, and more lazing about. It’s also forecast to snow on Christmas Eve/Day which I haven’t mentioned to the boys in case it doesn’t pan out but it sure would be awesome if it snowed enough to do some sidewalk sledding–we only need a few inches for that.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas. I wish we could be home (or I wish YOU could be HERE) for the holiday and we surely miss you all. I am so looking forward to the time home with the kiddos and watching their excitement at Santa’s impending arrival. Merry Christmas!




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