The Jump of Tragedy!

14 Feb

That’s what Eli yelled right before doing what looked downright like a wrestling move (where you jump straight up and land in a ball on your opponent) on Andy tonight. I’m super glad the boys don’t consider me to be their personal punching ball like they do him. I think Andy rather enjoys it as he just lays there and takes it for the most part. They’re not quite big enough yet to actually hurt him so I think more often than not he takes the opportunity to play with the kids yet also not have to move for a bit. In any case, it works for everyone.

January has come and gone. We had a stomach bug travel through the house that worsened with each victim. Ben started it off with a good round of vomiting around 10 AM that lasted for 7 hours. He threw up probably 7-8 times during that period, never ran a fever, and then he was tired and didn’t eat much for a day or so. Then he was back to normal. This was a Saturday, I think? He went to school that Monday. Tuesday, Andy gets off his night shift and says he is feeling off. By noon, he is feeling nauseated and running 102. He never throws up, mostly just runs a fever for the next day. Then he is tired for another day, his appetite is off, then back to normal by Friday. Saturday morning, we are awakened at 4 AM by a screaming Eli who has thrown up on the floor in his room. He proceeds to throw up every 15 minutes for the next 5 or 6 hours, runs a temperature of 101+, and although his stomach settled down after about 8 hours, he runs a fever and generally feels miserable for the next two days. It’s like Ben and Andy’s illness got together and teamed up on him so he got the worst of it. At this point, everyone kept looking at me, waiting for me to get it.

I never got it.  Moms, you know. We don’t have time for that.

In other (non-gloating) news, I’ve signed up for a marathon. Clearly, I’ve lost my mind. It’s in June and needless to stay, I’ve started running again. I’m doing three runs a week (two short during the week and a long one on the weekend). I ran six on Friday and that is the longest I’ve run in probably a year. My friend Wendy recommended a creatine mix for my water bottle and it makes a HUGE difference in how my legs and joints feel after these runs. I’m also continuing to lift on the non-running days. I’m not nearly as fast as I would like (my long runs are coming in at about 10:45 miles and I’d prefer closer to 10) but I set a goal of finishing the full under 5 hours and I’ll get there. It’s all about the training.

Ben started big boy swim classes in January. He was really reluctant to do swim classes without Andy or me in the water with him and he fought it tooth and nail. However, I told him I’d buy him ice cream if he did the class without us and during the first class, he took to it like a fish to water. I think he really dug being able to do the “big kid” stuff he’s seen Eli do in his swim classes and frankly, he was getting pretty bored with all of the songs you do in the parent and tot classes (me too). I really love that I don’t have to get in with him! It’s like a wee 30 minute vacation on Thursday mornings now. His teacher said that he’s so comfortable in the water that he will probably be able to move up to the kindergarten classes soon even though he’s young for it.

Eli’s first chess tournament is in two weeks. We’ve gotten a ton of books from the library (“How to Beat Your Dad at Chess” is his favorite) and we spend a lot of time playing games with him. He’s super excited about it and I am as well. I hope he does well but he has said that he doesn’t care how he does because it’s just fun to play. Can you ask for anything more than that?


Ben sledding (ignore the crying, he was fine 2 seconds later and went again)

Ben and Andy sledding

His first swim class

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