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Two month stats

4 Oct

Ben had his two month check up today. The stats:

Height: 24 1/2 in. 95%
Weight: 13 lbs 8.5 oz 90%
Head circumference: 42 3/4 cm 95% (of course)

He got his two month shots as well today and poor little guy has been having some trouble this evening. He slept for several hours immediately after but has had a wee fever and some fussiness this evening. Tylenol seems to have helped a little and he keeps trying to smile at us even though it’s pretty obvious he isn’t feeling well. Here’s hoping he feels better tomorrow.

We voiced our concerns over the flat spot on his head and the ped seemed concerned as well. He said that it was significant enough that it was starting to shift one ear forward some so he is going to refer us to the plagiocephaly clinic at Children’s Hospital for OT and whatever else they recommend. Although his neck does seem better than it was (he doesn’t immediately turn it back to his right if you turn his head and he will even sometimes sleep on the other side on his own), he’s still got a definite preference for that side and his head is definitely showing it. Hopefully they can give us help to avoid having to get the helmet for him at some point but even if it does come to that, it will be fine.

The other concern was that his left eye wasn’t tracking as well as his right and it’s something we will keep an eye on (ha ha) and follow up more at the four month appointment.

Other than that, he is healthy! And cute! And he generally continues to be a most mellow, sweet baby who is very easy to care for and quite charming all the way around. He is a smiley thing in the mornings and Eli loves taking helping to take care of his little brother.

Eli’s 4th birthday is coming up in a few short weeks and we booked him a party at Seattle Gymnastics Academy. They do an indoor playground that we frequent during the winter and Eli LOVES it. I love not having to do a lot to plan a party so we just booked it there. They do all the set up, the kids get the run of the gym for an hour then 45 minutes in a party room and the gym staff provides all the supplies (except food) and they do clean up as well. There’s a bouncy house, a foam pit with a rope swing, trampolines, and all sorts of climbing equipment for the kids. I think it’s a definite win win for our party guests as well because they get some pretty worn out kids right before naptime. Eli is very excited!

The insomnia is still there but it’s getting better. I’m sure things will work themselves out soon so that is good. Some sleep is better than no sleep!


Somebody give me a cookie, I made it through another First Month!

28 Aug

Benjamin turns one month old tomorrow.  The days are sometimes long but this month has gone by quickly. I’m happy to be through the first month–I love my babies but the newborn stage is not my most favorite.  To his credit, Ben’s been a relatively smooth addition to the house but I also wonder if that’s just not the life of a child who is not the first–you can really only accommodate additional children SO MUCH because there are still the older ones that need attention.

So Ben is getting into (somewhat) of a routine a LOT earlier than Eli ever did because we’re enforcing one as much as possible to try to keep some sanity in the house as well as a regular schedule.  He’s down every night anywhere between 9 and 11 (we are trying to keep it closer to 9).  He sleeps anywhere from 2.5-4 hours and then up for a bottle.   A quick bottle and a change (he’s eating about 4 oz at a time now) and he’s back down for another 3-4 hour sleep.  Usually he wakes up between 5 and 6 AM to eat again and sometimes he’ll just be wide awake after that bottle but sometimes he’ll need another nap before he gets to an awake period.

Much like Eli, he’s got some periods of alertness in the morning, then spends a good chunk of the day in nap mode.  We usually will bug him into waking up around 6 or 7 in the evening to give him a stretch of awake time so he will go down for the night.  It seems to be working well so far although flexibility is key.  It’s funny that it’s only been just under 4 years since Eli was this size but it’s hard to remember specifics about Eli as a newborn so I’m really glad I have this blog.  Several times I’ve checked it to see what his schedule was like, how much he was eating at this age, etc. and it’s been really useful!

Ben continues to be one mellow kid.  As long as he’s fed and his tummy isn’t bothering him, he’s mostly either asleep or just checking things out.  He’s had a few spit up episodes here and there but nothing major. He seems to be one healthy, healthy kid and I am very thankful for that.  We’ve gotten a few actual pre-smiles out of him but again he saves them up mostly for Andy.  Andy likes newborns as much as they like him and Ben, like Eli, saves most of the big smiles for his daddy.  I’m okay with that since I get all the love when they get bigger!

Andy went back to work over the weekend and with the exception of some raging two night long insomnia, I handled both kids pretty well.  I think I just got myself worked up over the idea of “I have both kids I HAVE to sleep!” so much that I didn’t sleep, pretty much ever.  Ben slept great both nights.  I woke up at midnight the first night and never went back to sleep.  I had the same problem the first two nights Ben was home.  I felt very speedy, like I had taken something that made my heart race and my brain would not shut up.  It was pretty miserable.  Luckily we had a very busy weekend.  If I am really tired, it actually helps to keep moving so the many social obligations we had (three playdates, swim class, a birthday party) helped me from feeling the exhaustion too much.  The second night I probably slept about 3 or 4 hours but not all at once.  Andy took off Monday so I could nap if I didn’t sleep again and I guess mentally the pressure was off me because I slept fine.  It’s frustrating enough to not be able to sleep but even more so when you know that you’re pretty much doing it to yourself!  I am going to start running again tomorrow so I hope that will help.  I also have a doctor appointment tomorrow so hopefully he can give me something for the rare times I have trouble sleeping.  The first night I even took Benadryl at 2 AM and it didn’t do anything.  I tried Benadryl, melatonin, etc and it didn’t help at all.  My anxiety over not sleeping pretty much made it so that I didn’t sleep at all.  Hellooo, self fulfilling prophecy!

Eli starts Small Faces next week and he is off from Berry Patch this week since they are closed for vacation. All of his older friends at BP are also starting their preschools but we all finally started scheduling playdates with one another so I’m not worried that he won’t see them anymore.  Andy happened to already be scheduled off this week so everyone is home!  It’s pretty nice to have all of this time off with Andy, I can already tell it’s going to be about my favorite part of not working–I never get to see him this much when I work since our schedules conflict so much.

So far my not working is fine–the baby and Eli keep me busy enough that I haven’t really had the chance to register that I’m not working but I do worry that I’ll go a little nuts from ALL KIDS ALL THE TIME as time goes on.  If things start to get a little too nutso for me, I figure I’ll volunteer a few hours a week at the food bank in Ballard –that should be easy enough to work around schedules and also probably join a running club.  Luckily, my friends now have kids and several of them are on PT schedules so I actually have people I can spend time with during the week–what a change from Eli’s babyhood!

I asked Andy if he had any mentionables for this entry–“Say that he has a problem with hiccups.  And that part about his neck.  And that I scrubbed his hair off and maybe that’s why his head is flat now.”  Ben is about the most hiccupy baby you’ve ever met.  He got the hiccups a LOT in utero.  Eli did too but Ben has carried on the frequent hiccups now that he’s out.  Ben seems to have a great preference for looking right–like waaay right.  He cranes his head all the way around most of the time and we have to sort of coax him back to looking straight or the other way, it’s like he’s constantly trying to check out what’s behind him.  Andy gave Ben a bath the other day and in his determination to get the dead skin off him, he thinks he scrubbed a little patch of hair off of his head.  He also thinks his head is oddly shaped and comments upon it FREQUENTLY but I really don’t see it.  It looks like normal head-shaped variations to me.

Time to get dinner wrapped up and get this baby down for the night.  Have a great week!

9 Days

16 Aug

I had good intentions to post before this but things get away from you.  Everything here is going really well. My parents leave today to return home after a long stay and they will be sorely missed by all of us.

Ben has turned out to be a pretty delightful little guy. I am happy to say that my hospital experience this time around was really wonderful. We changed hospitals for this delivery since neither of us were happy where we were before and it was a great decision. Physically, my recovery has been ahundred times easier and that’s with a preschooler!  I think a lot of it was that (1) the hospital got us in/out quickly–we checked in at 7 AM Wednesday morning and we were home by 4 PM the next day.

And now it’s five days later.  Time gets away from you!  In any case, the labor was great.  And when I say great, I mean GREAT.  Since I didn’t have a long stay prior to Ben’s delivery, I wasn’t exhausted to start as I was last time.  Also, the “been there done that”-ednness of the situation helped quite a lot, I’m sure.  I think the MAIN thing that helped with this experience over last time really boils down to one BIG thing that I realized with this labor and delivery and here it is:


I never realized that.  I knew it took the edge off the contractions but I could still feel a lot.  The staff this time kept remarking I must have a high pain tolerance (I don’t think I do) but the epidural this time vs. last time were like night and day.  Or like work and didn’t work.  Judging by this one, I would say the one with Eli wore off about an hour before I delivered him.  I wasn’t stoic about being in pain either–I pretty much sobbed and begged for help throughout the last hour or two with Eli because I hurt so much.  Although things progressed very quickly with Ben (I went from a 3 to an 8 in about 45 minutes and was pushing within an hour and a half), nothing ever hurt.  The contractions prior to the epidural hurt as much as I remember.  But the pushing part and the actual delivery?  Totally pain free!  I remember when they said that they could see his head and he’s almost here and I just looked at Andy, totally shocked about what was happening because I felt stinking great!  Then he was here and I was on cloud nine–although I was trying not to think about it too much, I had a little corner of my mind that was really dreading L&D this whole time and now it was over!

If I think about it too much, I get pretty mad at the staff of the previous hospital for never asking me about my pain level or checking things out with me once it was pretty clear that I was in a lot of pain.  Maybe they couldn’t have redone my epidural but even the knowledge that it wasn’t working would have been helpful to me since I kind of thought after that that I must be pretty wimpy to have lost it like that during delivery since I never really hear of other people just completely breaking down like that.  In any case, it’s all over and done so no point in dwelling on it.

We’re giving breastfeeding a go again and although it’s going better than it did with Eli, it’s not going great.  There were supply issues and concern over Ben’s 1 week weight gain that have been resolved by pretty much 24/7 constant nursing, then pumping, then bottle feeding.  During that period there have also been blisters, searing latch pain, and now the main problem is that my supply is fine but his latch is bad so he’s not actually transferring any milk, even after nursing for an hour or so.  We’ve had one lactation consultant come to the house, four follow up phone calls with her, and now I’m going to a group tomorrow where another consultant is supposed to help me fix his latch.  If they can’t fix it during group, we have to have the first consultant come back to the house for an individual meeting.  During all of this I have to nurse on demand, then once Ben’s done feeding I have to pump and then give him a bottle since he’s always hungry after he nurses.

Needless to say, I’m pretty pooped.  I’m getting plenty of sleep thanks to Andy and he’s been as great as ever about taking his fair share (and then some) of baby duty to allow me rest so even though it’s been hard, I feel pretty good about things.  We had a long talk and agreed I will give this a go until we get to a month and then if things aren’t going better with nursing (mostly meaning I’m not hurting all the time AND having to pump constantly) then I will decide whether or not to quit.  I think if I give things a month then I will feel like I gave it a fair shot and will be making an educated decision.  I would like for it to work out but I’m also ready to just enjoy my baby already and all of this kind of interferes with that!  It’ll work out one way or another, I have one awesome kid who was formula fed as proof of that.

Eli is adjusting pretty well.  The first day home was rough but now he mostly seems back to normal.  At least it seems that way–3 1/2 is such a rough age behavior-wise as it is, it’s hard to say if any acting out is baby related or just general 3 1/2 related stuff.  He certainly doesn’t ever seem to have a problem with Ben and usually will ask to hold him or he’ll come give him a kiss.  He likes helping me out when I’m nursing (mostly–every once in a while I get an “I’m busy!” when I ask him to grab something for me but they don’t happen too often) and he takes great pride in being a champion back patter for burping Ben.  He likes tickling Ben’s toes and stroking his cheek and thinks it’s pretty darn cool that now he is a big brother just like Bubba.

Will got home from his OC summer tour a few days ago and seems about the same although much tanner and thin.  We’re working on fattening him back up a little.  He plans to go to the community college to enroll in their 2 yr UW transfer program and go back to work PT at the lab as soon as he can.  That’s about all I know about Will, you’ll have to check with Andy for the details.  It seems like he had a really great time on tour–we took him to Azteca his first night back and let him stuff himself silly and I think that was appreciated.

I did put up new pictures last week.  I am going to try to get better about those.  Andy is home with me until Friday then he works 4 days through the weekend so I’ll have my first dose of Eli and Ben from Saturday-Monday  (I’m picking up the extra Friday at Berry Patch because I’m scared!) and then he’s off with us through Labor Day when Eli starts Small Faces.  I’m so thankful he’s been able to be home with me, it has made a HUGE HUGE difference in how well I have been able to adjust to this both mentally and physically.

I’ll be happy once we are out of the newborn stage.  Ben is super cute and a sweetie but man, I do not ever miss the whole “will he or won’t he and if he does, how long?” stage of newborn sleep.  He’s been great so far, a decent enough fellow to take mostly longish naps of 2-4 hours in duration with some curveball one hour naps here and there for interest.  We’re working on transitioning him out of his nocturnal nature into a day creature like the rest of us and we’ll get there eventually.  Again, having been through this once makes it all easier to bear since I know eventually he will sleep longer and the rest of my life won’t revolve around sleep deprivation and feedings.  I remind myself frequently that this will pass all too quickly and since Ben is it for us, I try to enjoy all the newborn things since I’ll never have one again.  Still won’t miss the sleep stuff, though 🙂

Only three more weeks until I can start running!  So excited!

29 weeks

9 May

A good thing about this pregnancy is that for the time being it’s made thinking of blog post titles easier.  I’m going to miss that. So 11 weeks to go!  This week Zap is the size of a butternut squash.  He’s been pretty active this week although he’s still not quite big enough to really disrupt my sleep so I’ll enjoy this time while I can.  I had my one hour glucose test last Friday (no news is good news, I figure).  They scheduled the rest of my OB appointments so I’m in there every two weeks for the next 6 weeks then weekly.  They asked about Eli’s due date and when I told them he was almost 2 weeks late they went ahead and scheduled appointments for me well into August (due 7/24). 

Eli’s doing a pretty bang up job of disrupting my sleep lately.  Andy’s been on nights and Eli has gotten into the habit of sneaking into my room at some point in the middle of the night.  Since he’s had a cough and hasn’t been sleeping well, I’ve not been so strict re: making him sleep in his own bed.  The other night, he came in my room about 11:30 complaining that he could not sleep in his room.  I let him get in bed since Andy was working–we have a king sized bed so I thought there was plenty of room. 

How a three foot tall person can take up virtually an ENTIRE king size bed is beyond me.  He was pretty much glued to me all night long and had a particular talent for putting his bony elbow in my back.  He actually started out on my side of the bed and I was sort of in the middle/Andy’s side.  By the end of the night he had managed to chase me clear off Andy’s side and I got up and went BACK to my side at which time he then started inching me off that! 

The next night, he was in my room about 30 min after he went down complaining he couldn’t sleep in his bed but he was turned down.  He was up at midnight and 3 AM, once because he dropped Ted on the floor and couldn’t find him and the other because he had a nightmare.  Then at 5 AM he came in my room again and I was just too tired to go through the process of kicking him out.  Last night, he tried to come in about 12:30 AM but I put him back in bed and noticed his sound machine was off.  I turned that on and got the first 4-5 hour stretch of sleep out of him (and me) in several days.  I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep which is just as well because sure enough, at 5:45 he comes right back in my room and crawls in bed.  Yeesh.

The really sweet thing about all this is that whenever he comes to get in bed with you he brings his teddy bear and he always brings a stuffed “buddy” for me, too.  This morning since Andy was in bed as well he brought one for him. 

I got all the baby stuff out of the garage and we’re doing pretty well with what we have.  We do need some new stuff, a lot of the footed sleepers for Eli were meant for winter and so they’re fleece instead of plain cotton which likely will not work for a late July/August newborn.  I’ve already started ordering boxes of diapers to have on hand, wipes, etc.  This kid will do the same 4ish month stint in our room and then he will share a room with Eli until Will’s room opens up.  At first we thought we’d do something with the guest room but we both want to preserve the guest room. I’m not too crazy about either of the little kids being downstairs so figuring Will will likely be here another 2 or so years, at that point Eli can move downstairs since he’ll be a big six year old.  I will probably be more comfortable with it then or they can just continue to share a room as long as they’d like.  Most of Eli’s toys/train table will go to the downstairs living area and that will just be an office/playroom for the time being.  None of this will be set up for months, certainly not until after my parents leave, preserving the William Massey Child Free Zone of course 😉

No real progress on the name front.  Will has two band camps this month and then he moves to Oregon in June and will be gone most of the summer.  At this point he plans to reapply to Cornish and see what kind of scholarships he gets.  If it’s not as much as he likes (not sure what he has in mind), he plans to go to the community college and eventually transfer to UW.  I don’t know what he plans to do about his job but I know he’s quitting for the summer, his boss has left open the potential to come back part time once he is back in Seattle. 

Cute videos:

Three little monkeys (rhyme from Berry Patch):

Jamming out to some Old McDonald on his microphone:

The downhill slide

6 Jun

Oh, this has just been a week, Internet. I continue to be so, so tired. First things first:

I passed! Hurray! I thought the test was much more tricky than ANY practice test I’ve done. I was fairly certain about 25 questions in that I had bombed it and spent the majority of the exam alternately composing the “I failed” speech in my head that I would have to give everyone, wondering how I would cope with the tragedy faces people would give me. Then I’d switch to chiding myself for throwing in the towel so easily and OF COURSE I would bomb if I kept thinking like that! You’re doing great, Erin! You’re prepared! Huzzah! Go me! It was basically three hours of unchecked internal neuroses running rampant. I really had no idea how I did but I passed with quite a big comfort zone so YAY. THAT IS OVER. LET US TALK OF IT NEVER AGAIN.

We packed/moved pretty much nonstop for the next two days. The movers ended up finally getting our stuff to the new house about 8 PM Saturday night. We got enough of the house unloaded and made ourselves dinner and hit the sack about 12:30 that night. It was pretty funny that we were both so tired we couldn’t figure out how to put our bed back together and ended up sleeping in the guest bed downstairs. The next morning I got up with Eli and put the rest of the bed together and a few other things. Over the last few days things are still coming together, there are only about 5 or 6 packed boxes remaining on the main floor and the living room got sort of assembled tonight. Now that the main area is out of boxes and set up, I feel like I can relax on the rest.

I finally got to see Will’s play Sunday and it was great. Emily and Jeremy came to babysit Eli and they arrived shortly after he went down for his nap about 1:15. The play was at 2 and I told them just to let Eli sleep until he woke up, thinking that he never really sleeps longer than three hours. I knew he was tired from all the activity of the last week. Imagine my surprise when we got home at 5 and he was still asleep!

The weather has been gorgeous and I haven’t run in a week. I’m really behind and need to get back on track tomorrow. I think I’ve only ever skipped two or three scheduled runs EVER. The fact that I have a half in three or so weeks and didn’t run for a week really tells you how pooped I’ve been. I’m still tired but I need to suck it up for tomorrow–I also think it will help me feel a little better.

On the to do list–rugs (not used to hardwood floors on bare feet–my feet feel dirty all the time, ick), put up curtains/rods, put up TV in bedroom, finish unpacking, collapse, run, start work again on the yards. The weather is also supposed to be nice this weekend so Eli and I decided if it was warm enough that we were going to go buy a sprinkler and maybe a small kiddie pool for the yard. We were both pretty excited about it.

The new day care location is really great. Eli has been having a few toddler boy injuries lately. Today was his first bloody nose! Apparently he was playing in the yard and fell. When he fell, he fell on his knees and went face first into the fence. He’s got a wee scratch on his lip, a scraped elbow and knee, and had quite the nose bleed for a little while but recovered quickly. He was totally casual about it when I picked him up and acted like it was nothing. They said he cried for a few minutes but then decided crying was boring and started playing in the yard again. Go Eli!

He seems to be enjoying the new house and his room. I continue to be amazed at how well he’s handled a very, very busy few weeks with no real meltdowns and a good attitude about it all. I told him as much in the car this weekend. He listened and then said, “You wel-tom, Mommy”. He’s just a bundle of awesome. I think he’s handled all of the change and activity so much better than I have!

He’s very into imaginative play and will sit in his crib for quite some time making elaborate stories of what his “buddies” (his stuffed animals) are doing. He will play trains by himself for quite a while and you can often hear him reenacting a story he’s seen on the Thomas videos. It’s pretty cute! I’m not entirely used to this imagination business so often I will think he’s talking to me when in fact he’s putting together dialogue between Goats and Buzz. He loves to pretend he’s eating things (we often eat invisible donuts around here) and thinks it’s HILARIOUS to joke about eating really gross stuff (“I’m eating a toe jam sandwich Eli, what are you having?” He’ll crack up and squeal, “THAT’S SO GROSS MOMMY!” but then want a bite)

If you ask him to sing a song, he’ll usually say no but then you just have to start singing it with all the wrong words. He can’t stand hearing it sung incorrectly so he’ll sing it to save you the embarrassment. You can often get him to do whatever you need by threatening to do it yourself–I’m going to eat all of your mac n’ cheese/climb the stairs/clean up the blocks! And then he’ll insist that he has to do it RIGHT THEN. He still loves to help and having a job to do will pull him out of almost any bad mood.

Hmm, 10:18. Time for me to hit the sack. Everyone have a good week!

video catch up:

The Intedeebahs!

More couch fun:


There is also a rather cute video of Eli “reading” Are You My Mother? on his Aunt Marcie’s FB page…I put it on mine as well. Let me know if you don’t have access and I’ll see if I can’t email it to you.


29 Dec

Eli “went to bed” 47 minutes ago and has been crying the entire time. We’ve been in twice and each time he pipes down immediately and curls up to go to sleep only to stand up in angry indignation when we then leave the room after a few back rubs. I knew we were setting a bad precedent in Shreveport by staying in the room with him until he fell asleep but WOW. I really didn’t think it’d be this bad! He’s so tired, too. That’s what makes it worse. He took a 2 hour nap when we got home and went down fine for that. So it’s not that he is exhausted but he has had quite a long day. He usually sleeps about 12 hours a night and slept 5 last night, another two on the plane, and a two hour nap once we were home. He definitely needs to conk out and get caught up.

The trip home went well. We got a good hotel room and had to get up at 4 AM for a 7 AM flight. All things considered (about 5 hours of sleep), everybody was in about the best mood as could be expected. Once Eli got some milk and muffin in the airport, he was fine (he refused the juice box and cereal bar I had packed for him to eat in the hotel room). Eli fell asleep in his seat as the plane took off and the rest of us did a little napping by sleeping on our tray tables. After he woke up, he had a few snacks, watched some Caillou and the rest was fine. Our luggage popped up first (yay!) and we went and had brunch at our neighborhood restaurant (Hi Life) before coming back to stagger around the apartment like zombies until it was time for Eli’s nap.

Oh my goodness. 56 minutes now. He’s really going crazy. *a few minutes later* I went back in there and he was standing up screaming his fool head off. I told him to knock it off and lie down and he did so wordlessly and assumed his sleeping position, butt in the air, knees tucked under, teddy/winnie/goats stuffed in various places around him. I patted his back for a minute then just stood there for another minute or two then walked out. Not a peep since. Poor little guy.

What a great trip! The nice part is that I don’t have to type it all out since everyone was there. It was great to see everyone and have everyone get to know Eli a bit better. We look forward to all the visits that were promised this year! Hopefully in the summer we’ll get a house and we’ll be better able to accomodate visitors instead of giving people the living room floor treatment. 🙂

The next few days are mostly errands and whatnot. Trips to storage, packing up the Christmas stuff, etc. I need to ship off the camera for repair (finally, nice job doing that AFTER Christmas) and I need to get Eli’s Christmas presents. We held off buying anything for him until we got back since he wouldn’t be able to take it with him so I’ll be taking him to get a little car garage toy he’s been wanting and either more duplo/lego blocks or add ons for his train set. Haven’t quite worked out with yet. Andy’s working until the end of time to cover shifts of coworkers who covered the last week for him so it’ll be a good opportunity to get some quiet time with Eli although I am working a few gym day care trips in there for him (he LOOOOOVES the gym day care, he asks to go there quite a lot). He goes to Berry Patch on Monday and I’m off that day so it’ll be a nice down day for me before I go back to work on Tuesday.

It’s 9:56 and I think I am about tapped out! It was so great to see everyone and thanks for having us!

Curse you, second molars! Curse you!

19 Sep

What a short weekend. Our daycare isn’t as flexible as it used to be since it is now at capacity and so I had to switch my off day last week and I worked Friday instead of Monday. Now I am expected to go right back to work after two days off and it all seems very sudden. Wah, wah, wah, poor me.

In other news, a joyful peeing-on-the-potty week went straight into well, the potty–on Friday afternoon. Andy was home with Eli on Friday and he did fine most of the day but woke up from his nap in not the best spirits. I got home from work and noticed Eli felt warm. Andy said he thought he did too but he had no fever. Elliott seemed a little cranky but mostly fine. We gave him a dose of motrin because he seemed out of sorts and he was fine after that.

As an aside–I keep reading all these mom blogs and posts about “I really hate to give him medicine but…” or “I only give him Motrin at night and I feel bad but he seems to be hurting…” Why is that? I’m not giving Eli cups of Motrin to drink or anything but if the kid is in pain, why are you letting it drag on? If he’s running a mild fever but seems fine, I usually let him run it since his body is fighting off something. But if the kid is obviously miserable and hurting, why restrict relief to only at night for sleeping? Is there some sort of death side effect of motrin and tylenol I’m not aware of? I don’t get it at all.

Anyhoo, an out of sorts Friday night turned into a Saturday 5:30 AM wake up call. He cried for a minute and eventually slept off and on until 8 and of course, his head felt like fire when I got him out of bed. He had 101.6. I let him burn it for about 20 minutes until he denied a CEREAL BAR (if you’ve spent anytime with Eli, you know he is a cereal bar ADDICT and begs for them constantly but is only allowed one for breakfast) and after he turned that and some milk down I gave him some motrin. Once that kicked in he ate a few bites of cereal bar and a few sips of milk but mostly just zombied on the chair. He finally felt a little better and we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Andy discovered the two second molars coming in on the bottom last night. I’ve given him teething tablets but they don’t seem to do much other than cause a battle to try to get them in his mouth to dissolve. Same with the orajel and I’d have to stick my finger back WAY TOO FAR and risk losing it. He also will not open his mouth for a q-tip to put it on there. So it’s mostly been motrin and tylenol for pain and strawberry ice cream when he will allow it (he’s really not eating much). I’ve been giving him sippys of ice water and cold milk. His teeth are tearing up his gums and he’s had bloody toothbrushes both days now. He insists on brushing his teeth so while they are coming in I’m letting him do his version of tooth brushing (which is mostly just sucking the sweet toddler toothpaste off the toothbrush) and not following up behind him to really brush his teeth.

All the drool is giving him a bit of a cough and I think he has a sore throat because each time he coughs–and it’s a little wee cough, really–he breaks down in tears and cries, “Owie! Owie! Mouth!” Then he runs and looks for me and insists I hold him. His naps have been terrible and he’s already woken up three times tonight and he’s only been down 2 hours so far. He slept for 30 mins in his crib for his nap then was so uncomfortable he kept crying. I went in there and got him and he slept another 1.5 hours on me in the chair. His fever broke during that nap so he was a little 32 lb hunk of fire and sweat but I was too afraid to disturb his rest so I just stayed in the same position and rubbed his back when he would wake up and moan.

OH MY GOSH THIS IS GOING TO KILL ME. I feel so helpless. My poor little guy.

I got a geocache app for my iPhone (I am my father’s daughter) and I already found one on my lunch break the other day. There’s one in the little local park a block from here and I’ve looked twice for it so far and can’t find it. It’s starting to drive me crazy. Granted, I’ve only gotten to look with Eli in tow so far so it really doesn’t allow for focus but still. It’s a fun app, I’ve been enjoying it.

Andy’s been on nights all weekend so I’ve been solo with the toddler molar trauma. It’s fine, though. Eli’s a little more high maintenance than usual but it’s easily remedied with (so far) two showings of Finding Nemo (aka “Movie Fish” as he calls it) and endless showings of (gag, ick, blech) “Caillou”, the most obnoxious cartoon EVER from Sprout on the on demand. I hold the fact that I endured Caillou for TWO HOURS today as proof of my parental love and sacrifice. Man, I hate Caillou. He drives me nuts. I did get to the gym both days though and did the elliptical yesterday and did day 2 of week 2 of Couch to 5K and only cheated a little bit by running 3 minutes straight at the end. That’s a pretty modest amount of cheating for what I felt like doing, which was running a good 10 or 15 minutes straight. Thankfully, I am a little bit out of shape from the 3 months off so stopping after the 3 minutes felt pretty good and not so frustrating.

Tomorrow I work in the afternoon (off for the morning so Andy can grab a few z’s then take care of E, another result of now inflexible daycare schedule) then the rest of the week but Friday I go to Las Vegas to see my peeps! So looking forward to it!