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Catch Up

29 Sep

So the teething nightmare weekend extended into the following Monday and that was rather rough for all involved. My sinusey crap turned into a full blown cold which Will eventually caught as well. After a moody Tuesday at daycare, Eli’s teeth finally stopped bothering him and he returned to his usual self which THANK GOODNESS. I think everyone was starting to get a little worn down by Moody Screamy Baby.

I went to Las Vegas with Wendy and Carrie last weekend. We had a great time and I think we ate for three days straight. Surprisingly, there weren’t really many antics involved but I guess that’s just maturity, motherhood, and the desire to sleep as much as possible and not have to move. It sure stops a lot of trouble from occurring if you can’t stay up past midnight for long. Wendy was active as usual and I think she had to pry me out of bed from one of my many naps a few times. It was great to see my friends and also to see Las Vegas! That’s an interesting town.

The boys had a fun weekend together (dinners were pizza, burritos, and some other take out I can’t remember) and they took Eli to the pool at the gym and he got to swim for the first time. Will sent me a few videos and Eli really seemed to love it. We’re going to start taking him on weekends and Andy will teach him how to swim. There were also a lot of park outings and I think they all had a blast. I think for my part, it was a bit too soon to leave again after Kauai because Eli was not having me when I got back. He wouldn’t give me kisses or hugs that night (although he did beam at me when I got in the car at the airport and yelled, “It’s Mommy! It’s Mommy!”) and he wouldn’t let me put him to bed either. I think he finally forgave me last night and we’re back to normal now and he’s sitting on me and watching television like usually does. Whew. I was a little worried!

He’s a little motormouth. He just talks nonstop. He’s got words for everything, he’s making three or four word sentences “My turn light off” “Bubba sitting over there”, etc. and he can count to three. We were thinking he was just counting by rote (by just repeating numbers he can count to 5) but tonight at dinner he pointed to each of our dining chairs in turn and said “One, two, three chairs” where Will, Andy, and I were sitting. Neat stuff. He seems pretty advanced to me but I don’t know a lot of almost two year olds so who knows. He gets “me, my, Iand Eli” mixed up grammar wise but HEY we’ll cut him some slack. He’s also getting better at plurals in proper context.

I’m running more and more and back at physical therapy which seems to mostly be focusing on my hip strength (which is not good) and range of motion in my ankles. In the sprained ankle, it’s 75% and in the broken it’s 55%. She’s having me do all sorts of exercises that have nothing to do with my ankles but she said it’ll strengthen all the little muscles so I don’t hurt myself running. I ran/walked a 5K yesterday and probably ran about 2 miles of it (not all at once but I did run 1 mile straight). It all felt pretty good but then I got a few sharp jolts of knee pain on the broken ankle side last night so I’m thinking I won’t notice overdoing it in my ankle but in the joints on that side. That’s something to think about.

Will is doing relatively well. Aside from continuing to get over the nightmare cold he got from me (it’s still continuing for both of us), he’s got a ton of schoolwork. He wants to get into DCI this year and Andy has set the grade standard for that to happen and he’s already slipping. His grades are really nosediving and I’m pretty sure it’s the computer in his loft. It’s hard to know what to do. He’s got to teach himself to use his time wisely and Andy won’t be there in college to make sure he can handle himself so it seems kind of sink or swim right now. I know Andy feels positively sick that he might not be able to do DCI because he won’t buckle down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Will decides to get with it.

This weekend should be fun. Mike’s coming over Saturday to watch the LSU game and Sunday we’re all going to Remlinger Farms in Carnation. They’ve got a few kiddie rides, pumpkin patches, and all sorts of little entertaining things to do (a corn maze!) Should be a fun Sunday.

I’ve got a few videos I’m uploading from my phone. Will post those ASAP. Everyone have a good week!


Curse you, second molars! Curse you!

19 Sep

What a short weekend. Our daycare isn’t as flexible as it used to be since it is now at capacity and so I had to switch my off day last week and I worked Friday instead of Monday. Now I am expected to go right back to work after two days off and it all seems very sudden. Wah, wah, wah, poor me.

In other news, a joyful peeing-on-the-potty week went straight into well, the potty–on Friday afternoon. Andy was home with Eli on Friday and he did fine most of the day but woke up from his nap in not the best spirits. I got home from work and noticed Eli felt warm. Andy said he thought he did too but he had no fever. Elliott seemed a little cranky but mostly fine. We gave him a dose of motrin because he seemed out of sorts and he was fine after that.

As an aside–I keep reading all these mom blogs and posts about “I really hate to give him medicine but…” or “I only give him Motrin at night and I feel bad but he seems to be hurting…” Why is that? I’m not giving Eli cups of Motrin to drink or anything but if the kid is in pain, why are you letting it drag on? If he’s running a mild fever but seems fine, I usually let him run it since his body is fighting off something. But if the kid is obviously miserable and hurting, why restrict relief to only at night for sleeping? Is there some sort of death side effect of motrin and tylenol I’m not aware of? I don’t get it at all.

Anyhoo, an out of sorts Friday night turned into a Saturday 5:30 AM wake up call. He cried for a minute and eventually slept off and on until 8 and of course, his head felt like fire when I got him out of bed. He had 101.6. I let him burn it for about 20 minutes until he denied a CEREAL BAR (if you’ve spent anytime with Eli, you know he is a cereal bar ADDICT and begs for them constantly but is only allowed one for breakfast) and after he turned that and some milk down I gave him some motrin. Once that kicked in he ate a few bites of cereal bar and a few sips of milk but mostly just zombied on the chair. He finally felt a little better and we went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Andy discovered the two second molars coming in on the bottom last night. I’ve given him teething tablets but they don’t seem to do much other than cause a battle to try to get them in his mouth to dissolve. Same with the orajel and I’d have to stick my finger back WAY TOO FAR and risk losing it. He also will not open his mouth for a q-tip to put it on there. So it’s mostly been motrin and tylenol for pain and strawberry ice cream when he will allow it (he’s really not eating much). I’ve been giving him sippys of ice water and cold milk. His teeth are tearing up his gums and he’s had bloody toothbrushes both days now. He insists on brushing his teeth so while they are coming in I’m letting him do his version of tooth brushing (which is mostly just sucking the sweet toddler toothpaste off the toothbrush) and not following up behind him to really brush his teeth.

All the drool is giving him a bit of a cough and I think he has a sore throat because each time he coughs–and it’s a little wee cough, really–he breaks down in tears and cries, “Owie! Owie! Mouth!” Then he runs and looks for me and insists I hold him. His naps have been terrible and he’s already woken up three times tonight and he’s only been down 2 hours so far. He slept for 30 mins in his crib for his nap then was so uncomfortable he kept crying. I went in there and got him and he slept another 1.5 hours on me in the chair. His fever broke during that nap so he was a little 32 lb hunk of fire and sweat but I was too afraid to disturb his rest so I just stayed in the same position and rubbed his back when he would wake up and moan.

OH MY GOSH THIS IS GOING TO KILL ME. I feel so helpless. My poor little guy.

I got a geocache app for my iPhone (I am my father’s daughter) and I already found one on my lunch break the other day. There’s one in the little local park a block from here and I’ve looked twice for it so far and can’t find it. It’s starting to drive me crazy. Granted, I’ve only gotten to look with Eli in tow so far so it really doesn’t allow for focus but still. It’s a fun app, I’ve been enjoying it.

Andy’s been on nights all weekend so I’ve been solo with the toddler molar trauma. It’s fine, though. Eli’s a little more high maintenance than usual but it’s easily remedied with (so far) two showings of Finding Nemo (aka “Movie Fish” as he calls it) and endless showings of (gag, ick, blech) “Caillou”, the most obnoxious cartoon EVER from Sprout on the on demand. I hold the fact that I endured Caillou for TWO HOURS today as proof of my parental love and sacrifice. Man, I hate Caillou. He drives me nuts. I did get to the gym both days though and did the elliptical yesterday and did day 2 of week 2 of Couch to 5K and only cheated a little bit by running 3 minutes straight at the end. That’s a pretty modest amount of cheating for what I felt like doing, which was running a good 10 or 15 minutes straight. Thankfully, I am a little bit out of shape from the 3 months off so stopping after the 3 minutes felt pretty good and not so frustrating.

Tomorrow I work in the afternoon (off for the morning so Andy can grab a few z’s then take care of E, another result of now inflexible daycare schedule) then the rest of the week but Friday I go to Las Vegas to see my peeps! So looking forward to it!


12 Sep

Average picture of Eli gets about 20-30 views over time. It usually peaks about a week after I post it and doesn’t add more than that. Our Hawaii pictures have on average about 2 or 3 views each! I guess I know who is looking at our pictures!

I posted some more today. We haven’t fixed the camera yet and it’s quite annoying. We’re going to deal as long as we can without fixing it because I’m guestimating it will probably run about $400 to fix it and we just got plane tickets home for Christmas. It’s not really a bad problem to have in the scheme of things, just annoying. We’ll deal.

Eli’s daycare is at capacity now so their ability to switch days with us to accommodate Andy’s schedule is pretty much nil for September. So tomorrow I am off with Eli and I’m working Friday to make up for it. Andy is on a night Friday so he’ll have to go to bed early Thursday and then nap when Eli does on Friday so he’ll get enough rest. The following week I have to miss the first half of Monday to let Andy get a few hours of sleep. The week after that, I’m in Las Vegas with Wendy and Carrie so who cares!!! Kidding, Andy already had it scheduled off because of my trip. I’m looking forward to my girls’ weekend.

Everyone is commenting upon how much Eli talks now–the kid talks NONSTOP, sometimes just repeating the same thing over and over (usually in bed or in his carseat), not really wanting any feedback, just liking the sound of his voice. I thought he was talking a lot before my parents got here and when we got back from Kauai I noticed he seemed to be talking A LOT more and the daycare noticed the same thing. I wonder if it has something to do with him needing to communicate more with my parents and so his language has just really exploded the last few weeks. He continues to be a fairly reasonable child. More often than not we can avoid a fit by explaining why he can’t do something (“You can’t throw your food on the ground because it’s not good for the animals who will come and eat it, it will make them sick.” “Okay, mommy.”) and then he’ll usually comply with you. It’s pretty weird. I still don’t expect it to last although for the most part, it seems to just be in the kid’s nature to be pretty compliant. Granted, he has his moments but don’t we all!

He asks what everything is, he can hold conversations, he can sort of tell you about his day now. He remembers things and can describe them to you. He knows the difference between letters and numbers–we have bathtub letters and numbers and he’s got about 10 letters down but is 100% on whether it’s a letter or a number–he mostly thinks every number is number 9. When I get his artwork from daycare I put it all over his room so we can talk about it. He mostly wants to me to hold him when I’m obviously busy with something else and wakes up every morning telling me to open the door by repeatedly saying, “Open, Mommy”. EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD is his within .05 seconds of him seeing you have it. “Mine! Mine!” is the music of our days right now. He insists he gets a turn with everything but doesn’t really get the concept enough to know that eventually, someone else gets a turn, too. Well, he understands that, he just really doesn’t care.

The other day when I got him up for the day, I put him on his changing table. We had our usual morning chat, how are you, did you sleep well, did you have nice dreams, etc. He looked at me and said, “Happy.” and I said, “What?” and he said, “Eli happy.”

And I died right then and there. Goodness, is there no end to the sweetness?

We took him on his fist hike today to Twin Falls. It was a (relatively) easy hike, one recommended for kids. We finally got to try out the child backpack carrier we got a week before I broke my ankle (it was a father’s day gift to Andy) and Eli LOVES it. I don’t know if Andy loves it so much any more since he had to cart Eli the whole way back but he seems like he’s in pretty good shape. Eli walked a good bit of the hike. We did fairly well although a hike along a river with a toddler water junkie was rough in a few places. We stopped to throw rocks in the river and Eli kept insisting, “SHOES OFF!” so he could go in, even after he felt how cold the water was. All he wanted to do was go in the water, I kind of felt sorry for him. What a little fish we have. We saw on the gym schedule that weekend days are family swim days so I will probably take him soon and then sign up for lessons for him. This kid needs to be in the water!

I went to the gym yesterday and did 30 mins on the elliptical and 10 on the treadmill. I was able to run a half a mile at a very slow pace. My ankle was mildly twingy but felt mostly great during it. Although it felt so good to run I think I could have gone a while, I made myself get off after 10 minutes. I’m not going to run again for a week or two and I think I will restart the Couch to 5K when I do. I don’t need it for the ability to run so much as to give my ankles a chance to get used to impact at a slow pace. I’ve found several instances of PTs recommending this to people recovering from injury as a way to put running back in and it makes sense. After the hike today (which was a lot more hilly and rocky than I expected) my ankles were a bit twingy again but advil seems to have solved that. I’m quite nervous about overdoing it and ending up with stress fractures or prolonging the recovery process. It just felt good to run again.

Will’s enjoying his first week of school. He’s had his computer back for several weeks now and he says he is doing all of his homework. I hope this is true since we really don’t see much of him–he is up there ALL THE TIME on the computer. I think Andy is giving him a chance to show he can handle the responsibility of it but with how often Will comes downstairs (twice today and it’s 9 PM) it’s not looking so good.

Need vacation.

2 Aug

Lots going on here, in the sort of way that things seem very hectic but if anyone were to ask me what’s been going on lately, there’d probably be an “oh, not much” sort of reply. I’m going to resort to the bullet post because I really have no effort to even try to form the not quite semi-coherent paragraphs I normally write and let’s not even discuss my now almost two year old ability to write entire posts without any organizational ability. Ahem:

–Andy is on Eli to try to enunciate better (I’m all what? He’s TWO. Have fun with your pointless exercise, man) and the other day Eli was asking “Muh peash?” which means milk, please. Andy sat down and worked with him trying to get him to say the K sound although the closest Eli could come was a T. Now he calls every thing with a K or hard C sound with a T. So now milk is mut, book is but, cat is tat, etc. It’s pretty funny when he wants you to read a but. But! But! But! He’ll also say the first half fairly soft but then really emphasize the T as Andy was saying to him–Andy would say “Mil-KAH”! So now Eli says “muh-TAH”. It’s pretty funny.

–I got the go ahead for walking with reckless, reckless abandon! on Thursday. Not really, I was told to walk with the Vader boot for another week or so and then I could switch to the air cast. Or hey, if I wanted to switch earlier that was fine, etc. they were very vague about all of it. They said the films looked fine and I have to go back in a month.

–I drove for the first time today. It was the foggiest I’ve seen in a long time this morning which didn’t really make me excited to drive but it was fine. I was slow all morning getting Eli ready and wore the boot for most of the day at work. I wore the aircast the other night when Andy and I went out and my ankle kind of ached so I was nervous to wear it the whole day.

–Eli has returned to his hitting phase. He doesn’t really hit us that much but apparently at daycare he’s got days where he’s just a little Rocky looking for his opponent. He seems to mostly target his frenemy, Harbour. If you ask him he’ll say Harbour hits him as well but that’s Eli just saying “yeah” to most anything and it’s hard to know what actually is going on. I’ve had chats with him DAILY about not hitting people and it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Like I said, he’s not really acting up here.

–when you put him in bed, he’ll often say, “I love Mommy, I love Daddy” until you walk out of the room. You have to respond, “I love Eli” then he’ll say his part, then you say yours, etc. Mind you, if you are overwhelmed by the sweetness of it and stay in the room so he’ll do it endlessly, it doesn’t work. I know from experience.

–his words are just EXPLODING. Every day there’s one he’ll just say as if it’s very casual and he’s been saying it forever. It’s so crazy to watch him finally be able to say words he’s obviously known for quite some time and how quickly he picks them up. I read somewhere that on some days they can pick up more than a word every 90 minutes.

–Eli faceplanted in some dog poop on his walk outside yesterday. It was sad stuff. Andy brought him straight home (eewww) and tossed him in the tub and Eli just kept rubbing his hands together in the bubbles saying, “nasty, nasty” over and over. This is how OCD starts, I think. Needless to say, Andy is now a one man scoop your poop mission for the neighborhood. He swore yesterday he would start accosting dog owners on their walks to make sure they had poop bags. I think he was just as scarred as Eli was.

–23 days until Hawaii, 21 until my parents visit. Andy’s been working CRAZY overtime and after this weekend he starts a set of 15 days straight. Ugh. We’re hoping to go on a quick overnight camp this Saturday but I’m beginning to lose hope that we’ll be able to find an open spot unless we got to the Peninsula. I guess we’ll see what happens.

20 month stats

9 Jul

Height/Length: 35 1/4 inches (95%)
Weight: 32 lbs 5 oz (95%)
Head circumference: 51 1/2 cm (> 95%)

Big boy! Doc says we can pretty much take his height at age 2 (4 months away) and double it for his adult height. So we’re looking at at least 6’1 or 6’2″. That’s pretty much in keeping with both of our families. We asked about the frequent fevers and he didn’t seem concerned, said it’s the usual fighting off of random viruses and good for his immune system. We’re to start giving him a daily vitamin like Flintstones or something to that effect so I added those to our grocery delivery for tomorrow.

Since I broke my ankle, I’ve been using Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery and I just absolutely love it. It’s rare that I cannot find a product I want and the vegetables are super fresh. They’ve got a wide range of organic produce and you can also specify the ripeness of things like avocados. I haven’t noticed a difference in price between them and our usual market (which does tend a bit on the pricey side) and if you order over $125, the delivery is free. I figured that doing a big delivery of groceries on Saturdays would save Andy from having to do a big grocery shop with Eli in tow (or worse, me in those awful carts in the store) but I think I might continue to use it for the big buys once I can walk. I think even if it’s a bit more expensive it ends up saving us money since it forces me to meal plan and stops us from hitting the grocery store almost daily after work when we inevitably end up buying a lot more than what we need. I’ve been really pleased with it and I hope it makes this whole ankle business a little easier for Andy to bear.

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave in Seattle (95 yesterday, 90 today and two days ago) and Andy and I broke down and bought another air conditioner. I moved the small one we had in the living room into Eli’s room to make sure he would sleep okay last night. That means I sacrificed air conditioning to make sure Eli would sleep well–I must be growing up! All that parental sacrifice! Andy went today and bought it and let me just say, we would have a different air conditioner had I gone. It cost what I am sure is the GDP of a small country and it’s HUGE. He spent most of today installing it and well, I’ll shut up now because it’s hot outside and I am in my living room and I think I need a blanket. It’s pretty sweet. I was hoping it’d be powerful enough to cool off our bedroom as well but it doesn’t seem to be quite that powerful. I’ll probably go back to turning it off and opening everything back up once the sun goes down since it’ll cool down a lot. We debated renting the portable again this year but I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Also, if we rented it for two months we’d have paid for the one we got today and that didn’t make a lot of sense. We can also take this with us when we move so it just seemed to make sense to get a second. I don’t like sweating if I’m not working out. I’m scarred by Louisiana heat.

My doc okayed some light weight bearing on my ankle–basically, he told me to get the crutches back out and do a three point walk. I hate the crutches and they’re really inconvenient. I’ve been walking a bit on my ankle without them but only for very, very short distances and still using my scooter all the time. I’m surprised that it doesn’t hurt to walk on my leg at all but I am staying aware that it doesn’t hurt because I haven’t been walking on it so I’m being careful not to overdo it (I’m trying to avoid some emails from my mother with that last sentence). It’s so nice to walk even three feet without the scooter! It’s made me feel much more hopeful about all of this. He said he didn’t really see any healing on my xray yesterday but that it wasn’t unusual and some weight bearing promotes healing. I go back in three weeks and if everything looks good, I’ll get an air cast that I can actually wear a normal shoe over! At that point he expects me to start walking mostly although he’s not making any guarantees about how comfortable it will be. I asked again about my other ankle since it’s in a perpetual state of swollen and hurts at times and he didn’t really want to discuss it. He basically said we need to deal with the broken one and then we’ll address the other since it’s not really anything we can fix right now. The x-ray tech kept telling me all these horror stories about how I should be really worried about it because I’ll have trouble forever from that one. Who is this guy! If my mom wasn’t a tech and hadn’t had all the ankle issues she’s had and therefore told me about what to expect already, he would have really freaked me out.

I still can’t find the camera cord and I’ve searched for it as much as a woman with a bum leg can. To add insult to injury, Andy suggested I use his card reader instead since we have a lot of pictures I want to upload and now we can’t find THAT. It feels like the universe is trying to subvert my will.

That’s the update for now. Since I’m unable to do anything picture wise, I’m trying to take more videos. Enjoy some bath time blabbing:

And some insane giggling with Daddy:

Turning the corner

27 Jun

So no surgery on the ankle! Yay! I think that made my entire mood about this ordeal about 50,000% better since instead of having to have surgery, I am now officially ON THE MEND. And as my mom pointed out, already 2 weeks into it. Although the ortho gave me the go ahead to swim, I have decided to wait another few weeks because accidental kicks kind of scare me at this point. My leg has been a lot better today and except for one scooter wipeout (I got caught on one of Eli’s toys, tried to hop the front wheels over it, lost balance, had to land totally on my arm and shoulder to avoid coming down on my leg to catch me) it hasn’t hurt that much at all which is GREAT. As I was falling, I thought “NO! DON’T PUT YOUR HAND OUT! THEN YOU’LL BREAK YOUR WRIST!” so I sort of half caught myself on the recliner to cushion the blow. I’m paranoid now, y’all.

Andy’s at work for the next three nights and it will be okay. I’m actually looking forward to having to do all the evening stuff and whatnot around the house and feeling useful again. It’s tiring having to scoot and fling Eli over my shoulder when he’s having one of his stubborn “ohnoiwillnotbrushmyteethyoujustMAKEME” moments but I’m getting better at it. I stepped up all the upper body weight stuff so hopefully that will help.

Eli’s getting so big it’s just amazing. He understands so much these days and his vocabulary is expanding. Granted, a lot of it is toddlerese and I don’t think any of us are supposed to have any clue what he is saying or doing but he is getting a lot better at communicating his needs to us. Lately he’s gotten into this habit of wanting something, hinting he wants something, then as soon as you try to satisfy it or clarify what he wants, he goes into Whine mode. It’s really annoying, particularly since he really amps it up WHILE WE’RE TRYING TO DO WHAT HE WANTS. So about a week ago we stopped responding to him once the whining starts. Instead we just sit down until he knocks it off. Why are you going to cry while we’re asking you what you want to eat? Toddlers make absolutely no sense.

Eli rarely holds in one place very long although he does tend to park it in the chair with me a lot ever since I’ve been grounded. It’s kind of sweet that he misses me and will spend a good portion of his time playing in the chair with me. He’ll bring books and toys and we’ll sit and have fun with my leg propped up. He’s been spending a lot of time at daycare since I can’t bear the thought of him being trapped inside all day Friday with me when Andy works long shifts. It’d be so boring for Eli and he has a lot of fun at daycare so we’ve been picking up the extra Fridays until I can walk again. I miss Eli and Mommy time and I’m sure they’re wondering what happened to us at Gymboree. I can’t wait to go back, I know how much Eli likes Auna (the teacher). As soon as we get within a few blocks of Gymboree, he’ll usually starting shouting, “Auna! Auna! Auna!”

The last few days he will wake up and sit in his crib and say “Mommy, Daddy, Eli, Bubba” over and over again. It’s pretty darn cute. The other day he woke up at 5 AM and pretty much said, “mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy. Up high, down low. mommy mommmy mommmy” for about 30 minutes straight until he started complaining and we got him up. I have no idea what the “up high, down low” was but he’d stick it in every 20 or 30 mommy’s or so. It was funny.

We need to get him more toys. We’re such slackers on the toy front. I haven’t gotten him a new toy probably since Christmas and his bath toys are really sad. Fortunately we spend most of our time reading, playing with the same old toys, or outside so I don’t know if he’s noticed a difference but I need to step it up and at least get him a new toy every 4 or 5 months or so. He’s really into art so I think we’re going to (finally) pack up his bouncy seat to storage and get him an easel and also a train set for his room since he LOVES trains (choo-choo!) I admit to sort of cultivating a Thomas the Tank Engine addiction because I find it pretty amusing myself. George Carlin narrates it! How weird is that?

Last night was Parents’ Night Out and I actually got out! I got a disabled parking placard for the car which has been so nice, even in the short time I’ve had it. We went and had dinner at a little French bar with tons of small plates and nice wine then after we did some clothes shopping then on to Toy Story 3 at Northgate Mall. The theatre there is pretty new and has some really nice handicap seating so we didn’t have to worry about a line! Sometimes I think this whole broken ankle thing is actually pretty handy. I’ll still be glad when it’s healed though! It was so nice to get out. I haven’t been out other than doc appts or work so just to be able to go around town was really, really great!

On to a delicious dinner of brussels sprouts. Since I don’t have to worry about feeding any boys tonight, I can make a big plate of these alone for my dinner, they’re delicious!

New pictures up.

23 Jun

There aren’t a lot but it was what was already on the camera plus one or two I managed to take tonight. I’ve charged Andy with becoming the official picture taker for the next six weeks but since he’s already been put in charge of pretty much everything, we’ll cut him some slack.

Will went home to Shreveport today (hi Will!) and we miss him. He texted that he was eating at Chili’s and I’m pretty sure that made his world right there. Eli asked several times where he was and it about broke my heart to tell him that Bubba wasn’t going to be home for a long, long time. I think we should maybe arrange a video call with him.

This week has been hard. I wish I were one of those people who could just soldier on through and be all super chipper about everything but it’s just been hard. I keep joking that I’m in the anger stage of the 5 stages of grief and that’s pretty much it. I’m mad that I can’t move around well and I feel sorry for myself, way much more than I should. I’m sure after a few days it will pass and I will adjust and things will be fine. It’s just all very frustrating. Going back to work has been both nice and frustrating. It’s good to be out of the apartment but it’s really annoying to have to ask for so much help. My building isn’t accessible so unless I ask for help out, I’m pretty much stuck in the building all day. One of the things I like about my job is that I’m not tied to the desk but I have been this week. The weather has been beautiful and I haven’t really gotten out in it. I did go for a walk (scoot) the other day and it made my leg hurt something awful, I think it was from all the bouncing it got on the knee scooter on the sidewalks. It also made my “good” ankle swell up a lot so that makes me reluctant to be on my feet unless I really have to. If it’s nice this weekend I plan to ask Andy to take me and Eli to the park with a blanket and I can just camp out with a little picnic in view of the playground. I think that will help a lot, just to be outside. I’ve pretty much only been outside to get in or out of a car or in or out of a building and I think that has a lot to do with why I feel pretty bummed.

I have the ortho appt tomorrow to find out if I need surgery. I really hope I don’t. If I don’t, I can start weight bearing next week! I’m a little afraid of that right now, the leg has been feeling pretty stabby the last few days but it’s a step in the right direction so woohoo! If I do need it, hopefully it will be Monday and I can have the weekend to get groceries delivered and buy books and get preparations in order.

Out of all of this I just have to say again that I have wonderful friends. I have not been short of offers for assistance, offers of car rides, offers of help to take Eli to daycare, offers to do grocery shopping, anything. I continue to be amazed and humbled at how wonderful people can be and how thankful I am that I know these people. It’s about the best thing that’s come out of all of this, that I have realized yet again how awesome my friends really are. Granted, it’s only week two so I might just burn ’em out yet! But I don’t think so. It’s really some amazing stuff.

I’ll let everyone know what the doc says tomorrow. Think nonsurgical thoughts please!