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Parenting FAIL

6 Mar

I’ve known for a little while it was probably about time to get Eli new shoes. He’s been in his current pair for a while (at least the summer since I remembered ordering sandals for him at the same time) and he’s been wanting running shoes like mine. I had to check my order history with Amazon to see what size his shoes were and I figured for good measure I’d go a size up or so. Andy commented that his right big toe had a little callus on it so that started the shoe hunt in earnest. I was debating whether to order him 8 or 8 1/2s (his last size was a 7). Last night we went to the kid shoe store in the mall and had them measure his foot. Kid wears an 8 1/2, so we got 9s. I am so glad he got measured. I also feel HORRIBLE because he’s been wearing shoes A SIZE AND A HALF too small for god knows how long and that’s just his regular shoes. LET’S NOT DISCUSS HIS RAIN BOOTS. I think he’s had those since he was what, 15 or 16 months? However, he has never complained about shoes being too small so let’s just blame the toddler. I mean really, how are we supposed to know if he doesn’t speak up?

How embarrassing.

Needless to say, he got himself a pretty sweet new pair of size 9running shoes like Mommy’s! We almost bought him some rain boots as well but decided to hit Fred’s for those so we can get them on the cheap. He was very excited about having running shoes and we hit the trails at Discovery today. I got a very short trail run in and he ran with me for a little bit of it. It’s the first time I’ve run in a month since I’ve been doing the P90X. I settled into a comfortable jog and I was surprised to see I was running about a 10 minute pace with no problem. So nice! The P90x is some great cross training, even if I am really dreading my next two workouts (core synergistics and Cardio X, ugh, so hard!). I’m going to sign up for a 5m trail run in April so hopefully I’ll keep getting chances to run trails and get my stamina back up.

He was sick for the last several days. We had a very down weekend as his respiratory blech kept him home from daycare on Thursday (and me home from work). He seemed to feel mostly okay but his chest and head were completely congested so I made him stay in all day. Friday we stayed in but I let him go to the store with Andy that evening so he could get out. By Saturday, he felt well enough that all the stir crazy started to hit at once and he was super hyper in addition to still having a pretty gross cough. Today the cough is still there but mightily improved although he’s settled into quite a mood of general hyperactivity and mild defiance. Hopefully he’ll be back to normal tomorrow once he’s been to daycare.


Things you didn’t think of…

11 May

when you were thinking about having kids:

That one day every time you went to the bathroom you would have an audience. One day, that audience will get of an age where he becomes interested in all matters potty related and you will have to bid your waste farewell (and WAVE! to it) before you send it on its way. You’ll also be asked all times of day “tee tee? tee tee? poop?” Because he’s not talking about himself, he wants to see how long again before he gets to flush.

Where did March go?

23 Mar

Blink and you miss it….

Things continue along swimmingly in the Smith-Massey household. Eli’s speech is getting more prolific (although not necessarily more comprehensible) every day. Today he went up most of the stairs holding the hand rail with one hand and the other on the wall to balance himself. He finally went up the stairs standing and not crawling up them like he’s done in the past. He’s also very determined to get down stairs the same way and will insist he hold your hand and the rail with the other hand as he goes down.

He will be 17 months in just a few days and sometimes I get a small taste of what the terrible twos must be like. He’s very opinionated these days and things like hunger or fatigue REALLY reduce his frustration tolerance to almost nothing. The days of sort of pushing our ability to get a lot of things done before we stop for food are over because he will let us have it. We tried to squish a grocery shopping trip in the other night before we gave him dinner and that was by far the most torturous grocery store experience in my life.

He screamed when we put him in the cart. He wants to walk ALL THE TIME now but that’s not really possible in stores because you won’t get anything done, you’ll just spend the entire time chasing the two foot tornado around. So we crammed him in the cart anyway and he continued yelling on and off. Finally he tried climbing out of it and lost. his. mind. Andy put him on the ground and he just laid down in the middle of the aisle screaming like he was having his wee little nails pulled out. He was blocking some older man’s cart and Andy started to pick him him to get him out of the way. The older man said, “Don’t touch him! As soon as you pick him up, you’ve lost the war! Leave him there!” It was pretty funny and helped a very embarrassing situation. I was beet red and burning up since Eli was just really going nuts. I ended up grabbing him off the floor and going to the car where I strapped him in his car seat (which he REALLY hates) and we sat in the car while Andy finished shopping. I did find some goldfish crackers which sort of placated him but it was not a fun trip. I carted him out while carrying him sideways (he kept wriggling out of a lot of holds) while he just screamed like a maniac. People were giving me the “What is wrong with your kid?” looks and I just wanted the earth to swallow me up. FUN TIMES!

Needless to say, we got him home, fed him and he was all sweetness and light again. Lesson learned. Bad parents.

I did the Big Climb and it was fine. I think my friend and I really overtrained. It’s not that it was easy but it was nowhere as bad as I expected it to be. I’m definitely doing the Seattle Rock n’ Roll half marathon in July and I’m contemplating doing another in mid-May. I can’t decide. I hate this period after I finish a goal because I never know what to do next. I’m tired of running so I’ve been doing boot camp and kickboxing classes at the gym to stay in shape and get some cross training in. I’ll probably start running again regularly next week but it’s been a nice break.

Andy’s parents are coming in town this Friday and we are all excited for that. It’s particularly good timing since Eli’s daycare is closed next week for Spring Break and Andy took a few days off anyway to stay home with him. We’re looking forward to their visit!

More pictures coming soon. I’m taking tonight off, after the Big Climb Sunday and boot camp last night, I feel like a zombie. Just wanted to do a quick update because I saw it had been a while 🙂

This is why people have more kids

20 Mar

We went to the park this afternoon because it was just wonderfully warm weather. Eli was pretty on the go the whole time and ran from one thing to another. We did our best to keep up but didn’t always make it, evidenced by the knockdown he received from a kid on the swings. He made quite a few stops at the giant sandpit that is crammed full of trucks and toys and whatnot. Every once in a while, he’d stop playing and start looking around while asking, “Mama? Mama?” until he found me (or Andy or Will pointed me out) then he would smile at me and go right back to playing.

Heart. exploded.

Another for the baby book

18 Apr

Yesterday, pre-afternoon nap that mostly was not:

No tooth.

Yesterday, post-afternoon nap that mostly was screaming:

Tooth #2.

I guess that explains the screaming.

Note to self:

5 Apr

You’re going to have to sleep sack break him at some point. Jeeeeeeez.

He slept great last night. 8 PM – 7 AM with no bottles. He woke up several times and cried for a minute here and there, enough to wake me up but not long enough for anyone to actually get up. I also noticed that the times corresponded with when he was usually given a bottle (several wake ups between 10:30 and 11:30 PM, another one around 4 and 5 AM). He went back to sleep quickly each time. His morning nap was great, no crying to speak of and it again was around an hour and fifteen minutes.

We took advantage of the awesome weather (65 and sunny!) to go for a long walk to buy him some new clothes, grab lunch, and go down to the Locks for some pictures. We made it for the first two stops but by the time we got to the Locks, it was starting to eat into naptime, he was getting crabby, so we decided to come on home.

Now, this could have been a function of him being overtired rather than a sleep sack addiction but Andy woke him when he got him out of his stroller since he had slept about the last 10 minutes of the walk home. He then gave him a bottle and put him down. Kid LOST. HIS. MIND. I noticed in the monitor that Andy put him down in his clothes and not his sleep sack but I really didn’t think much of it. On with the Ferbering. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, another 15 minutes, and ANOTHER 10 minutes (I broke, I admit it) and I went in there and put him in his sleep sack just because I didn’t know what else to do. He fell asleep before I even got out of the room.

He screamed (and I mean that hysterical AAAGHHHH-AAGGHHH-AGGGHHH screaming) for 55 minutes straight–and I do mean straight and fell asleep within 30 seconds of being put in his sack. What say you? Overtired and he finally gave up or he just needed his sleep sack because that’s what he’s used to?


23 Jan

Well, you would think I would have learned by now not to make such cavalier comments about good sleep! We never did the three tablespoons since we need to buy the right kind of nipples for the thicker consistency. That night we went ahead with the two and he woke up at 1:15 and again at 5. I suspected he wasn’t really hungry but repeated pacifier replacements didn’t really placate him so I ended up feeding him anyway and he fell back out. Last night, we did the two tablespoons again but he woke up around 1:30 congested as all get out (the snorkiness, it has returned) and it messed with his sleep pretty much all night long. He and I took a decent nap this morning and now he’s down for his long afternoon nap but he’s waking up snorky a LOT. I think when Andy gets home we will bundle him up in his car seat and take him for a ride–I’m meeting friends out and I think he’ll sleep better in his car seat since he’ll be on an incline. I tried to get him to nap in it but he really doesn’t sleep in it all that much anymore unless it’s moving and I don’t have the strength (or the patience, really) to just walk around the apartment carrying the car seat.

Nonetheless, for poor sleep and snorkiness, when he’s awake he’s still been in a dandy mood. Thank God for small miracles.