Times, they are a-changing

22 Jan

So, I’ve accepted the supervisor ED SW position. My official start date is Jan 30th but I suspect there will be quite a bit of transition during that as I learn the job and my boss transitions out. I’d be lying to say I wasn’t nervous as all get out even though the team is super excited I took it and that one of our own will be in the role. What’s even better is that two of the other SW absorbed my current hours so we don’t need to hire someone new to take over what was really a not useful amount of hours for most people.

I’ve found a really awesome nanny who will watch Ben Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays. She’ll be here a few times a month since Andy is also off some of those days and it largely depends on him booking her to come in on Thursdays he’s off if he has projects he needs to get done. She will be bringing her 3 year old boy with her and Ben has met him twice and they have a lot of fun. The half day Wednesdays will also give me the opportunity to still take Ben to gymnastics and have coffee with my friends (we’ve gotten into a bit of a Wednesday coffee habit) before I have to go to work. The flexible hours, oh, I have missed them. I had them at my last job where you were on the honor system to work 40 within the week and having to clock in and out for the last 3.5 years has gotten a bit old. I appreciate the ability to set my schedule as I need it and know what I have to do and make accommodations.

It will be the first time since Eli was born that I will be full time (this might sound like complaining but seriously, how lucky am I?) and I’m a bit nervous about how to juggle all of it. The flexibility of my schedule eases that fear somewhat since I’ll still be able to schedule around school functions and volunteer there. I think it’s more of a bittersweet thing since I planned on going full time once Ben started kindergarten but you really can’t pass up this kind of opportunity. And I still get Wednesday mornings with him and he’ll only be in part time care and it’s at home. /firstworldproblems /tokenmomguilt

Eli took the advanced learning test and we are awaiting results for that. Once he was out, his first statements were “Some parts were hard but I feel pretty confident” and then his next statement was “I don’t care how I did, I don’t want to switch schools” which says to me he knows he did well. He will likely need to change if he passes. We’ll give him a year at the new school and if it all goes badly, move him back (which we are not telling him this is an option) but he needs to at least try it.

Ben’s scheduled for his final vaccinations and then after that, kindergarten registration! I can’t believe he is so old. He’s very excited about going to North Beach but we’ve got a lot of work to do with him regarding reading in the coming months. He’s really into math lately and is constantly working addition problems with us. “Mommy, 5 plus 5 is 10!” and all sorts of variations. He’s learned how to count on his fingers and can do addition up to 20 so far. It’s all his own motivation which is awesome to see.

We haven’t made it up to the snow yet but I’m planning a tubing/sledding trip for weekend after next. I am going snowshoeing with a bunch of work friends (including a ED RN and ED MD in case I die, I am so out of shape) next Wednesday so I am really looking forward to that.

Turns out (now I am writing this a week later) the snowshoeing might be a no go. I’ve had some foot issues since I fell down the stairs about 2.5 months ago while carrying laundry. Anyone who has been to our house knows we have the Death Stairs and although they’ve gotten me in minor ways a few times, I think they really got me this time. When I fell, I missed a step and my toes buckled underneath my foot and I slid down. I could still walk so I didn’t do anything about it although the top of my foot stayed swelled for about two or three weeks and I had a lot of bruising at the sole of my foot. BUT! I could walk without significant pain so why go anywhere! This is my argument. Well, now, 2.5 months in, I still get a lot of aches in the top of my foot and crouching down and bending my foot up on the ball is right out so I’m wondering if I didn’t hairline fracture something or at least tear some tendons right out. So I have an appt on Tues for an x-ray which I’m sure will show nothing and then it will be a guestimate of me in a boot, maybe (I hope not). I have a boot from the last time I fell down the stairs. This makes it sound like it happens a lot but it doesn’t, the last time I fell down was 2 years ago when I was taking too many boxes of Christmas decorations down at once and couldn’t see my feet, which I admit was not my brightest moment. I didn’t fracture it then but they gave me a boot which I wore for a week (I suspect it was largely for my ego) and then I was fine. The idea that this has been over two months and is still giving me trouble (and I tried running a few weeks ago which really aggravated it) makes me think I should stop just complaining to Andy and get it checked out.

I have a half at the start of March but I’ll probably end up run/walking it, depending.

I have a lot of things I’d sort of like to say about politics but that’s not what this blog is about. So I’m going to end it here. I hope you are all happy and well.


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