Ben’s 4 year old stats

2 Feb

Just for the record:

Blood pressure: 95/61
Pulse: 103 bpm (I guess kids are higher?)
Weight: 41 lb 6 oz (73%)
Height: 44.0 in/111.8 cm (91%, he was looking down)
BMI 15.0 (33%)

All in all, tall, skinny kid. He’s much skinner than Eli at this age, Eli still had some chub on him until he hit 4.5 or so. Ben’s always been thinner. I think this will even out and Ben will overcome Eli in future years as Eli seems much more Smith gened (tall, thin, angular -in a nice way-) and Ben strikes me as much more a Massey (tall, broad, and more like my brother). We’ll see how my predictions work out.

Ben’s doing much better today and today his nanny came over and took him to MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry) for first Thursday. They have free admission every first Thursday and although Ben was not happy about going initially, when I got home he declared it to be a “great day”.

This morning, he slept late (7:30) and even after he was awake, didn’t want to get up. The shots really seem to have taken it out of him. We skipped swim in favor of letting him rest and get a warm bath since he was complaining his legs hurt. When his nanny (Jenn) got here, she took them (she brings her own 3 year old boy) to MOHAI and Ben said he had a great time. A few minutes ago, I was wondering where Ben was (it’s 5:40 PM) and after much searching, we found him under his comforter, solidly asleep. I know part of that is the shots but part is also Jenn taking him to do fun things and I really, really think we hit the jackpot. She used to be a preschool teacher before she quit to stay home with her son so I don’t really know that we could have found better.

Tonight, Andy and Eli are finishing up his Pinewood Derby car for the weigh-in tomorrow night and races Saturday. Saturday night, we are having the Riley kids over for a sleepover and then Sunday is a relatively rest day. The days are long but the years are short. I’m really enjoying things lately.


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